Becoming an FTR Participant

The Registration, Prudential Requirements and the FTR Participation Agreement policies provide prospective FTR participants a guide to the process for registering as an FTR participant and the requirements that must be met to become registered.

Once you have reviewed the information on the FTR Manager website, including the FTR Participation Agreement, you will need to apply to the Electricity Authority to become an FTR market participant. The participant registration forms are available from the New Industry Participants page on the Electricity Authority website. Once your application has been processed and accepted by the Authority they will inform the Clearing Manager. The Clearing Manager will contact you to finalise their arrangements and then inform the FTR Manager of your application.

FTR Participant User Guide (Use of FIS)

The FTR Information System (FIS) gives access to the trader interface for the FTR market. The Use of FIS policy outlines the information and functionality that users can expect.

FTR Market Policies

The FTR Allocation Plan provides in section 3.5 that the FTR Manager will publish and keep up to date as an FTR policy, an FTR Calendar that will include the information in sections 3.1 to 3.4 of the Auction Rules. This includes details of when FTR auctions are, what FTR periods will be available and the % release factor available for the remaining FTR capacity. The FTR Calendar will be published as far ahead as practicable to give FTR Participants and other service providers ample notice of forthcoming events in the FTR market.

The FTR Allocation Plan provides in section 1.6 that the FTR Manager will develop, publish apply and regularly review FTR Policies detailing how it will implement the FTR Allocation Plan, including an FTR policy on Determining the FTR Grid (the Grid and Auction Data Policy). The FTR Grid and Auction Data policy is critical because the choice of FTR Grid determines the volume of FTRs that can be awarded in the FTR Auction, which in turn determines both the total net capacity available to FTR Participants for hedging, and the likelihood of revenue adequacy or revenue inadequacy. A supporting document to provide a justification for the original parameters in the FTR Grid Policy Supporting Analysis policy can be found below.